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"What a breath of fresh air. finally a local groomer who does a fantastic job. I've had both of my dogs there a doodle and a poodle. Beautiful Grooming." -Debra T.

"What a great place very very nice staff very good with my dog he looks amazing I would highly recommend anyone to take there furry friend there thank you so much I WILL BE BACK"-Anita S.

"Did a great job on a challenging Dexter..TY SO much, He looks so handsome and smells awesome!!!"-Birdie B.

"My shihtzu Ginger was pampered when she went for her visit and she looks fantastic!"-Ruthie O.

"I’ve had my dog not wanting to go up and down carpeted stair to do her business outside. Figured it was her toe nail. Called and got her right in ! Was not expensive at all. Thank you so much."-Shirley C.

"My dog was groomed over two weeks ago, and he still smells fresh and clean like he did when I picked him up. Thank you!!"-Becky B.

"Becky is amazing and takes such good care of my dog! The space open and clean. Bella loved her day with Dapper Dog and being spoiled!"-Danielle

"We all are very pleased with the service , attention and care Autumn and Hooch received during their time @Dapper Dog Grooming 🐕 😀
We will be returning"-Deb W.

"Dapper Dog took great care of my 8
month old puppy for her first "spa"day. she had a bath and blow dry, trim and nail trim. She came out looking beautiful! Staff was friendly and your can tell they love their fur clients!"- Kim G.

"They did a wonderful job on our 9 month old Yorkie puppy. She is a little squirmer, but she came our looking like a princess!"-Regina T.

"I am very pleased with how my dog 🐕 turned out! After being told that my Keeshound needed to be completely shaved by one groomer (just for light matting on legs and belly), I decided to try here in hopes that it wouldn't be necessary. They assured me that they only shave by request or unless absolutely necessary. So, no shaved dog at all! They just trimmed the mats off with scissors.
I will definitely be going back again. They really listened to me and alleviated my fears. My dog really liked the groomer also and he's normally afraid of new people."-Jeanne B.

"Highly recommend Dapper Dog! I was worried because my two youngster plush boys have not been to a groomer before, but the vet tech owner and her partner were wonderful with my guys, and we left with two happy, clean, fluffy pups! This is the place to go if you want a positive experience for your pup. 100%"-Jessica S.

"I took my dog Pip there for a haircut and nail trimming and they did an amazing job!!! His fur was so soft and he smelled awesome! They even put an adorable bandana on him and took his picture on the red carpet!!! Definitely going to be my regular place from now on!!"-Jennie R.

"My golden retriever got into a swampy area and rolled in some questionable things. They got us in same day and now my girl looks like she’s ready for the national dog show! Thanks for getting us in so quick. You’re a life saver!" -Amanda Y.

"Great service and my dog looks great smells nice it was a really great job. I'm pleased will be returning next with my cat."-Linda K.

"Was very pleased with our visit the job well done!!!!"-Dawn B.

Great place to take your dog for grooming! No one else could handle my puppy and get his haircut and nails groomed! Charlie looked beautiful and they were able to do his nails! Very professional! Well done Dapper Dog!! - Sandy P.

Bronx has his first experience with Dapper Dog … and I must say they did an amazing job! With past experience at different groomers I was a bit uneasy leaving him, but they assured me he was in good hands! And they did not disappoint!! We will definitely be back!!- Tanya H.

fantastic experience! excellent price! my dog looks amazing!! I'll be back!- Tricia B

This was my first time bring my lab in for a bath. He is a very active farm dog that swims daily and certainly was in need of grooming. They did a terrific job. The grooming was very well done. Becky was very patient introducing herself to my dog and giving him time to look at everything prior to starting. I will most definitely be coming back. I would highly recommend Dapper Dan -Margaret R.

This was my first experience with a dog groomer. Having a shepherd mix with a thick springtime undercoat that needs to be brushed out by a dog that thinks I am playing every time I try to brush him out, I decided that it would be best to get take him to a professional. What a great choice.
First off, Dapper Dog worked with me to find a day and time that worked into my busy schedule. They were very comforting to Zander when I took him in and they were very friendly. When I picked up Zander, he looked AWESOME! He looked, smelled and felt really good.
I was very pleased and plan to use Dapper Dog every spring for Zander. -Paul F.

Just had the love of my life groomed. She looks and smells GREAT, and is spunky, fresh and clean. A very pleasant operation!
Thank you Dog Dapper team! See you next grooming. -M.R.

I loved how professional and friendly the staff was. She was super sweet and efficient. Definitely going back again and again. -Becky M