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Dapper Dog Grooming
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Pricing - Dapper Dog Grooming


Our pricing works on a sliding scale based on the vast variety of furry friends we pamper.
A quote will always be given when you bring your pet to us for grooming, but feel free to take a look at our general pricing ranges:

Basic Groom
Bath & Blowout
Deluxe Groom
Bath, Blowout, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning
Supreme Groom
Bath & Blowout, Nails, Ears, Bandanna/Bows, Clipper Trim
Signature Groom
Bath & Blowout, Nail Trim & Dremel, Ears, Trim or Clipper Trim
Tooth Brushing, Spritz of cologne, Bow Tie or Tie
Doodle/Poodle Groom
Grooming and trimming based on your preferences


Stand Alone Services
Nail Trim- $14.99
Ear Cleaning- $9.99
Anal Glands-$14.99
Dremel Nails- $14.99


Cat Grooming- call/text for quote

We offer many other services and packages. Please don't hesitate to text/call or email with any questions about available services!

An estimate of charges will always be given to you before leaving your pet with us. The above pricing is estimated off of weight ranges and is subjected to change with added difficulty of grooming. Your pet will be weighed every time they come visit us so we are sure we are charging fairly for the amount of work which is done