Dapper Dog Grooming

Online Scheduling Appointment Requests

Welcome to our online booking feature! Certain types of appointments require approval before they will be booked while others (the simpler grooms/services) do not. If your appointment type requires approval you will be told it needs approval as well as when your appointment has been approved :)

If you don't see an appointment availability, it doesn't always mean nothing is available-

ESPECIALLY for evening appointments.

Please don't hesitate to call or text to see if there is something available closer to the date you would prefer to come in :)

Nail trims, Ear Cleanings & Anal Sac expressions as stand alone services are accepted as walk-ins any time we are open

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have previously used our online booking software and are having difficulty using it since we've changed things around a bit, please call or text us so we can help get things back in working order