Trans-FUR-mations Pet Salon & Boutique

Trans-FUR-mations Pet Salon & Boutique
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Trans-FUR-mations Pet Salon & Boutique


We have PRIVATE grooming suites!
Why get your precious fur baby groomed some where that crams as many dogs as possible into one room? Dogs get distracted by other dogs, they jump and get excited which increases the risk of needless injury. Dogs lick and and sniff each other, its natural, but it also creates an opportunity for your pet to get ill. Some dogs do not play well with others, or become aggressive around other dogs they do not know, the more dogs you put into one room the more territorial those dogs become which increases the risk of dog fights and injury!

You want the best for your pet, and so do we!

Our private grooming suites provide:
The one-on-one attention your pup deserves!
A quiet and tranquil environment, where your pup will not be distracted by other dogs, employees, sounds, sights, and smells!
Little to no interaction with other pets!
Create a calm and tranquil environment for your pet where they feel safe and so do you!

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