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Cat Grooming Services

Each complete groom includes:

A personalized and holistic spa treatment consisting of cleaning the ears, eyes, and face, nail clipping, toe tuft trimming, custom hair styling and brushing, as well as finishing touches exacting breed standard. Either no bath, a deep cleaning/conditioning scrub, or waterless-type bath are available per your preference.

Each session includes hypoallergenic, natural and/or organic shampoos, conditioners and finishing sprays; a complimentary evaluation of your pet's skin condition and hair health, natural and holistic flea and tick treatment if deemed necessary, finishing bow, tie or bandana, and aromatherapy cologne or perfume.

Nails Only $20.00 - $25.00

I begin every cat grooming with a nail trim, for the benefit of the cat and safety of the groomer. Nail trimming benefits the cat by reducing the chance of the nail getting snagged and caught on something (usually something expensive made of fabric). It benefits the groomer by reducing the laceration threat while convincing Fluffy that the dryer isn't a monster.

Unlike dog nails, cat claws grow in layers or sheaths, like layers of an onion. When a cat scratches her scratching post ( or your sofa ), she isn't trying to sharpen the old nail. Rather, she's pulling off the old outer layer, revealing a new and needle sharp nail beneath. If the cat is an inactive, geriatric or indoor cat, they may not scratch often enough to pull the old sheaths off their nails. In extreme cases, the nail will grow very thick and long, even curving back under the toe and piercing the pad!

As the nail grows longer, so does the live central "quick" of the nail (the triangular pink area seen at the nail's base). With regular trimming, the quick will recede back, allowing a shorter and shorter nail trim as time goes by.

Destructive scratching behavior is the biggest complaint we hear. Regular claw trimming and appropriate scratching posts can greatly reduce damage to furniture and family members. You should never hear a cat's claws clicking while walking across a hard floor! That's a definite sign your cat's nails need trimming.

Every once in a while, an owner requests we leave the nails sharp so the cat can defend itself outside. Generally, the answer is, "Nope." We just can't do it. It's a simple matter of safety.

Bath Only $75.00 - $85.00

Includes nails and toe tuft trim

A bath and brush out every 6 weeks will help significantly in reduction of shedding, and it will insure your cat will not become greasy and keeps the skin and coat healthy.

Sanitary & Belly Trim $85.00 - $95.00

Includes bath

If you would like to reduce Shedding even more without a full haircut, a tummy shave may help. It removes a lot of the coat & does not effect the beauty of the cats top coat & natural style.

Hair Cuts $95.00 - $115.00

Includes all of the above

Removing the hair on the body and/or tail is beneficial when your cat is matted, or you would just like a summer haircut for your kitty. This may be the best option. It will greatly reduce hairballs, dander, and of course shedding. There are 2 styles to choose from, the Lion Cut or Modified Lion Cut, and the Comb Cut or Teddy Bear Trim.

A Teddy Bear haircut is when about a half inch is left all over the cat. It takes the hair in shorter but not shaved and makes the cat much more cuddly and cute! This haircut is a great way to help with shedding and great to help with coats that are a lot of work to keep up with. Easier to brush out and maintain, yet still long enough to keep your cat fluffy & very soft. This is a specialty cut and is more time consuming please ask about pricing for this stylish option.


Big Kitty (over 12 lbs.)
Mat Removal/De-Matting
Pelted Coat
Behavioral/Aggression Issues

Matting can be a serious issue. The skin can not breathe beneath mats when they are covering the body, they pull on the skin sometimes causing sores beneath the mats. Mats can form under the tail and literally clog up the rectum, causing a cat to become septic and not be able to go to the bathroom. This can cause death. They can form very tightly around the neck causing breathing issues and causing the cat to starve and not eat out of discomfort the matting is causing not to mention the pain from the mats pulling on the skin. I am more than happy to remove Matting! Mat removal can be difficult esp for older cats with very thin skin. You have to imagine your cats skin is as thin as the skin on your eye lids, so this can be very tricky to remove safely. Lucky for you, I have years of experience removing mats safely. Never try to cut them out your self. As I mentioned above cat skin is very thin, scissors can pierce it very easily. Removal by a professional groomer with professional grade clippers is highly recommended.

Softpaws™ nail caps ($7.50 per paw)

I am more then happy to apply Soft Paws Nail Caps over your cats nails. This is an excellent alternative to de clawing your cat. The Soft Paw nail caps are applied over your cats nails and doesn't affect nail extension or retraction.

Helps protect infants and seniors with sensitive skin. Prevents cats with skin conditions from injuring themselves with hind claws. Great for outdoor cats living indoors temporarily.

One application lasts up to 6 weeks. This is a simple solution to destructive scratching.

Payment Options

Your groomer will accept cash, credit/debit, or check. (Credit/debit cards are assessed a $3.00 - $5.00 convenience fee) Change cannot be provided so please be prepared.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations & changes in appointments must be received at least 24 hours prior to your appointment in order to avoid a cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or no show at the time of appointment will incur a $40 no show fee*.

*A no show means that the groomer has arrived at your home, texted, called and rang the door bell with no response. Our groomer will wait 15 minutes or so and will proceed to leave for the next appointment.