Ruff2Ritz Grooming LLC

Welcome to Ruff2Ritz Mobile Cat Grooming

Ruff2Ritz Grooming is a mobile spa service dedicated exclusively to owners of cats!

Since 2014, we have been providing professional grooming services for felines. All temperaments and cattitudes accepted!

Regular grooming is an integral part of your cat's overall health and well-being. Can you imagine not washing your hair for several months or years? It would get pretty bad. It is so much nicer to be around a fluffy, clean smelling kitty. It is also much less traumatic and less painful (not to mention less expensive) to have your cat on a regular grooming schedule. They deserve it.

Groomers are also in the rare position to examine every inch of kitty. We can sometimes find health problems early that may have gone otherwise undetected and caused more serious consequences down the road.

Mobile grooming caters to the comfort and convenience desired by busy pet owners, while also providing an alternative for travel-phobic cats.

When you choose mobile grooming, your pet is groomed just steps from the comfort of their home. The spa treatment is performed inside the climate-controlled environment of the van in front of your home. Your cat will receive one-on-one attention from beginning to end.

Ruff2Ritz's salon is outfitted by Hanvey, utilizing a feline-friendly design with more spacious floor plan, a Catty Shack Vac and mini-tub. Specialized soothing music is played for the duration of the groom...creating a calming, soothing and relaxing environment.

Your groom will be performed by an experienced and professionally-trained pet stylist who is Pet CPR & First Aid Certified. Ruff2Ritz Grooming is fully insured in the state of Florida. Additionally your groomer is a member of the National Cat Grooming Institute , the world's #1 cat groomer training program.

To ensure the safety and well-being of every animal, all products used are natural & hypoallergenic. Flea shampoos are pesticide-free.

6/30/23 Update: All Membership spots for the year are taken. We will begin taking reservations for 2024 beginning in Nov. 2023. Until then, non-member pricing will be in effect.