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Benefits of Cat Grooming

There are many reasons to get cat grooming at home!

Senior cats may have mobility problems that prevent them from grooming themselves.
Sometimes senior pets with arthritis are unable to groom their own coat.
Having your senior cat professionally groomed will help ensure that your pet’s coat is healthy and clean.

Grooming helps your cat look his or her best for special occasions. Grooming your pet before special occasions helps make your pet look ready to have a good time!

Grooming your cat on a regular basis will help you manage flea and tick infestations. Your pet’s groomer will help check your pet for ticks and can bathe your pet in a medicated shampoo for fleas.

Grooming your cat at the right time of year will help you keep your pet comfortable. Pets with a thick coat can get very hot in the summer. Grooming your pet before the weather turns warm will help ensure that your pet is comfortable when the temperatures outside heat up.

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