Prairie Pawz Llc

Prairie Pawz Llc
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Pricing - Prairie Pawz Llc


Dog Boarding: $35/night, add a kennel buddy for $20/night. Add daycare to your boarding for $14/day.
Suite: $55 for one dog, $65 for two dogs, $75 for three dogs and $85 for four dogs
Cat Boarding: $22/night

Daycare: $30/day for one dog. $55/day for two dogs, $70 for three dogs, and $90 for four dogs.

Grooming: Bath $20, self bath $10. Face trim with bath $35, Nail Clipping $12, Teeth Cleaning $10
Full Groom Long Hair breed $70, Short Hair breed $60
Extra fee for mat removal based on length of time to remove.