Cosmicdog Grooming Llc

Price Estimates

Pricing is based on time and effort required for each service. THE FOLLOWING PRICES ARE ONLY ESTIMATES and change based on factors including, but not limited to coat condition, type and length, weight, special needs, and temperament.
I accept cash, check, Zelle or PayPal! Sorry, no credit cards.

Long Haired Dog Price Estimates:
Teeny Dog (up to 10 lbs): bath:$75/touch up:$85/ full groom:$95
Small Dog (up to 25 lbs.):bath:$85/ touch up:$95/full groom:$105
Medium Dog(up to 45lbs): bath:$100/touch up:$110/ full groom:$120
Large Dog (up to 85lbs): bath$130/ touch up:$150/ full groom:$170
XL Dog (over 85lbs): bath$150/ touch up:$190/ full groom:$230

Short Haired Dog Price Estimates:
Teeny Dog (up to 10 lbs): bath:$65/ full groom or deshed:$85
Small Dog(up to 25 lbs): bath$75/ full groom or deshed:$95
Medium Dog(up to 45lbs): bath$85/ full groom or deshed:$105
Large Dog(up to 85lbs): bath$95/ full groom or deshed:$125
XL Dog(over 85lbs): bath:$105/ full groom or deshed:$145

General Breed Examples(may vary depending on dog’s breed standard or haircut):

Long Haired:
Teeny: Yorkie, long haired chihuahua, teacup breeds
Small: shih tzu, Pekingese, mini schnauzer
Medium: cockapoo , sheltie, cocker spaniel
Large: golden retriever, golden doodle, austrailian shepherd, setter
XL: bernedoodle, Shiloh shepherd,Great Pyrenees, Burnese mtn dog

Short Haired (Bath):
Teeny: chihuahua, min pin
Small: pug, jack russell
Medium:visla ,boxer
Large: pit, German short haired pointer
XL: Great Dane

Short Haired (full groom/deshed):
Teeny:wire haired dachshund
Small:Brussels griffon, Japanese chin
Medium: beagle,corgi
Large: lab, husky,Rottweiler
XL:German shepherd, greater Swiss mtn dog

Available Add-on Services:
Healing Reiki Lavender Bath: $25
Nail grinding or teethbrushing: (with groom)$5
Nail Pawlish:(2 paws) $20
Additional brushing: $20(per 15 minutes)
Nail Trim and Grinding Services Without Groom: (1 dog*)$55, (additional dogs) $35
*individual dog nail trims are charged the minimum trip charge of $55 unless I am at yours/a neighbor’s house already.

Pricing Disclaimers:
24 hr. Cancellation notice- $55 cancellation fee applies to appointments cancelled within 24 hours.
Missed Appointment- $85 fee applies if I come to the location and am unable to complete the appointment for reasons including, but not limited to, client being unavailable or insufficient parking.
Partial service- if a service is cut short because of the animal’s inability to complete the service due to health or behavior issues the client is responsible for payment on any services rendered (minimum $55)
Payment is due at the time of service. NO EXCEPTIONS.