Cosmicdog Grooming Llc

CosmicClient Forms New Client Waitlist Application

Requirements for grooming services:
~Ample parking for 30ft rig (trailer and vehicle) clear of mailboxes and fire hydrants. Steep driveways are NOT SUITABLE.
~per Maryland state regulation, all animals must be up to date on Rabies vaccinations at time of service. NO EXCEPTIONS. This information will be needed to fill out a client application. You may also text(443-961-7977) or email( ) a copy of the paperwork if there are any technical difficulties with entering in information to the form.
~Due to personal physical limitations, Large and XL dogs must be able to stand for THE DURATION of the groom. Teeny, Small and Medium dogs must be able to stand for the majority.
~All pertinent medical and behavioral conditions must be disclosed prior to service. This includes heart disease, seizures, arthritis, allergies, aggression etc. Senior pets may be referred to veterinary grooming due to extenuating health concerns.
~Mannerly behavior. Animals with aggression concerns will not be muzzled longer than 20 minutes. If aggression continues after 20 minutes, service will be stopped.
First, Some Information About You