Barks & Bows

Barks & Bows pricing

We will pamper your pup with a high quality shampoo and rinse followed by hand blow drying and brush out. Your pets ears will be cleaned with products designed specifically for dogs/cats. Nail trimming and dremeling are included in all grooming procedures and will be done as tolerated by your pet. Pet grooming prices are determined by the size and condition of your dog or cat. A matted or over grown coat will be an additional charge depending on the amount of extra work involved. Expressing the anal glands is included in all grooming services and done upon request only.

Full grooming approximate fee's: Brush out/sanitary trim approximate fee's:
Small breeds $42.00 -$45..00 Small breeds $25.00 & up
Medium breeds $45.00-55.00 Medium breeds $30.00 & up
Large breeds $60-$70.00 Large breeds $40.00 & up
Giant breeds $70.00 & up Giant breeds $ 45.00 & up

A la carte services:
Teeth brushing $8.00
De-shedding treatment ( 2 step process) $10.00 & up
Mud bath exfoliating shampoo $ 7.00 & up
Hot oil ( warm) $8.00 & up
Flea treatment ( bathing procedure) $10.00 & up
Capstar pill $10.00
Pet designed hair color; tail, ears or head. $ 10.00 & up
Nail cutting/dremel without bath/grooming $10.00
Anal gland without bath/grooming $8.00