The Standard Dog Salon & Supply Co

The Standard Dog Salon Supply Co.

As Eastern NC's premier dog grooming salon and retail supply company, The Standard provides an all-breed pet salon experience in addition to housing the area's only competitive dog groomers, coat restoration specialists (including hand stripping), and breed standard show/pet trim experts. We also offer everything in between such as deshedding treatments and preventative coat maintenance to provide the best care to your pets even if you have a busy schedule to ensure that you can achieve the style that you are looking for!

The experiences of our clients (both two and four-legged) is of the utmost priority for us and from walking in the door to check-out, we offer a completely transparent salon, personalized all-inclusive services with top-of-the-line natural coat care products, and your peace of mind in a clean, safe environment with a staff that you know by name and face.

The Standard Dog Supply Co. offers many unique products from brands such as Ruffwear, Hydra Pet Products (in our exclusive fragrance bar), Messy Mutts, Up Country, Puddle Jumper Pups, and many more in the future. From smelling good to styling around town, we have you covered!

Please contact the salon via email or send us a Facebook Message for booking! We will update with a phone number once connected, but as we are a small start-up business, our time in the day is limited and we will respond to booking requests as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding as we grow and learn!