Taryn's Traveling Pet Spa

Taryns Traveling Pet Spa Pricing-2022

2022 Grooming Prices

Small Dog w/ no cut $99
(Pug, French bulldog, Beagle, English bulldog, Dashounds, Corgi)

Small Dog w/haircut $99 -$120
(Yorkie, Shitzu, Pomeranian, Bichon, Mini Schnauzer, Long Hair
Dashounds, Toy Poodle)

Medium dog w/no cut $99-$125
(Husky, Australian Shepherd, Medium poodle)

Medium dog w/haircut $110-$135
(Cocker Spaniel, Portuguese Water, Wheaton Terrier)

Large dog w/no cut $110 -$150
(Golden Retriever, Labrador Retrievers Irish Setter, mastiff, collie,
Great Dane, Germen Shepherd, Bernese Mountain, Standard Schnauzer,
Labradoodle, Goldendoodle)

Large dog w/haircut $125-$250
(Airedale, Great Pyrenees, St Bernard , Standard Poodle)

Small Dog– Under 20 lbs
Medium dog-20-45 lbs
Large dog— over 45 lbs.
De-shedding additional $7-$12 / Excessive undercoat $7 per 15 minutes/
Flea soap application $10
Nails only minimum $45

Service area includes Fort Jones and all unincorporated areas of Scott Valley

Behavior issues, such as biting, where grooming cannot be completed subject to $45 fee.
We do not use restraints or sedatives.
Groomer will categorize the dog and set the price on first sight.
Price will not vary from visit to visit unless circumstances are extreme, such as the above list, and grooming time is extended.
Taryn’s Traveling Pet Spa appointments include nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expel, a super sudsing bath and condition with natural and biodegradable product, breed specific trim and blow dry.
All grooming appointments are finished off with a fun collar tag or a bandana and of course, some love!