Taryn's Traveling Pet Spa

Taryns Traveling Pet Spa

Taryn’s Traveling Pet Spa has relocated to the beautiful Scott Valley, California.

Taryn is a certified finished groomer, currently serving all dog breeds in the convenience of your driveway. After 12 years, Taryn chose to join her family and raise her two children in the mountains. Being close to family, skiing, hiking and animals has drawn Taryn to start a new life.

The WAG N TAILS pet grooming salon is a self-contained mobile facility with heat, AC, hydraulic table, bridge to bath and many more customized features. The goal is to provide your dog with an exclusive appointment and a safe, healthy, and comfortable grooming experience.
Grooming prices range from $99-$275

Benefits of Mobile Grooming

*Service comes to your home and office, saving you time and travel.
*Less stress for you and your pet.
*Personal one-on-one professional pet care.
*Perfect for senior pets.
*Sanitary, safe and healthy environment
*No exposure to strange animals.
*Pets are not caged for hours.