Magic Groom Bus

Magic Groom Bus

As of January 12th, 2023, until further notice, we are no longer accepting NEW clients. Thank you to all of our existing families for sticking with us and booking out your whole year and filling up our schedule so quickly! For those that didn’t make it in before the cut off, PLEASE FOLLOW our Facebook page for announcements of when we will reopen our books or post openings in certain areas!!

Hop on board the Magic Groom Bus!!! We’re so excited to have you here! Make sure to Like and Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with all announcements!

“Bus do your stuff!!”

The Magic Groom Bus, a fully insured and operational mobile dog grooming salon boasting a combined 20+ years of professional grooming experience, was formed by two friends, Stacie & Déva. They met while working in PetSmart in Abingdon over 10 years ago! After each playing their role as salon manager in the corporate grooming scene, they agreed a more personalized grooming environment was the move!

The Magic Groom Bus comes to YOU, no more of you having to worry about getting your pup to a busy salon. Instead, your baby will get to enjoy the fully individualized, one-on-one, VIP treatment they deserve and that not all other salons can offer. Every single grooming experience is tailored to fit each individual pup and their specific needs. Our unique and custom grooming method makes the Magic Groom Bus a place where your pup will love, and look forward to!

We are based in Central and Southern Harford County, Maryland, servicing Bel Air, Forest Hill, Jarrettsville, and Abingdon. For more information on locations, please text 443-347-3388.

Now, in the words of the wise Ms. Frizzle:

”To the bus!”

We operate based on a routing system, with appointments booked in groups based on location. Because of this, there may not be availability in your area right away. Submitting the Appointment Request does not guarantee you an appointment. It is just that, a request. Within a few business days of submitting your request, we will contact you with the closest date that we will be in your area. Once the appointment is confirmed, we will reach out within 5 days of the appointment to give you a 2 hour arrival window.