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Our team The Pack

Our team (The Pack)
Jenny - Boss Lady is the co owner. Jenny has over 25 plus years experience as a pet groomer and a certified Dermatological pet groomer as well. She is the Alpha of the pack a Staffordshire Terrier hiding in human form. Our leader showing wisdom and determination to encourage all to succeed. Jenny is pet first aid trained and has a passion for animals treating them like her own with lots of TLC. With experience as a vet clinic groomer, Jenny has the skill and knowledge base of most master groomers and more. An ex Assistant Professor of science and 3 degrees under her belt, you can see why she loves her job so much in this career. Jenny is also a teacher through her Bachelor of Education degree, which makes her perfect for apprenticing other groomers under her.

Jay - Co owner and trainer including Pet First Aid instructor. Jay first started out as a bather assisting Jenny and other staff and quickly found a passion for working with the animals in their care. With a passion for safety and animal care Jay co-ordinates staff training and also helps build them to become better in their careers. Some call him the dog whisperer as he has a pack that just adore him. Together Jay & Jenny have built their thriving and multi award winning business together as a team. He is also Catstastic as he also works as a cat groomer.

Cora - Assistant Pet Groomer. Cora came to the team as a co-op student showing a passion for a rewarding career working with animals. After graduating school, she was given the opportunity to work with the team where she continues to learn and thrive under the guidance of Jenny. After completing her certification as a Pet Groomer, Cora is learning more from Jenny's vast knowledge base and training from Jay. Cora is also pet first aid trained. This puppy has come a long way!

Lee - Pet Groomer. We are delighted to announce Lee is joining our team as a pet groomer. Lee brings several years experience along with a passion for the welfare and care of animals. A pawfect fit for our team. Lee worked in construction for several years before embarking on a pet career. We anticipate Great Dane things for her as she brings fresh skills to our pack.

Melissa - Assistant / trainee groomer. We are delighted to welcome Melissa to the pack. Melissa come to us from the same pack as Lee. They worked together in a previous salon and we see a great future for her in our family. Melissa will be nurtured under Jenny and learn new talents and tricks. This new pet will rock this place!

Katie - Assistant. Katie started with the pack 3 years ago and continues to grow from a tiny kitten into a lioness. She loves the challenges of cat grooming assisting and learning from the rest of the pack.

Jack - Assistant. Jack has been with the pack for almost 4 years. A stray looking for a family, he was adopted by the pack and he is growing with each day.
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