Evergroom L.l.c.

Services and Prices

We at Evergroom believe that each pet should get exactly what they need at each appointment. We’ve included all your pet may need in our Gold Paw package, no need to scroll through endless amounts of add-ons.

Due to space restrictions inside our grooming vehicle, extra large dogs may need a meet and greet to ensure we can safely accommodate them. Unfortunately, giant breeds will not fit inside our tub and can not be serviced.

(Please note: All prices are estimates and are subject to change based on coat condition, temperament, and possible special handling requirements)

Cat Spa Package

$105 - $115 and includes the following:

Bath with cat safe shampoo
Gentle blow dry and brush out
Nails trimmed
Ears cleaned

For pricing or information on cat haircuts please reach out to us directly.

For our canine clients they will receive the following:

Gold Paw Package

Bath using a probiotic based shampoo, followed by a second shampoo and conditioner tailored to your pet’s needs
Brush Out
Blow Dry
Nail Trimming and Filing
Nose and Paw Moisturizer
Ear Cleaning
Sugar Scrub Facial
Toothbrushing and Breath Spray
Deshedding Treatment**

*Haircuts are not included in Short Hair, if a haircut is requested, Long Hair pricing will be applied*

** For the health and safety of the pet, we strongly advise against haircuts on double coated breeds, if a haircut is requested it will be considered on a case by case basis only and may require recommendation from your vet. Price will vary according to coat condition and duration of service**

Short Hair Breeds (Does not include haircut)

0 - 20lbs $95
21 - 40lbs $105
41 - 60lbs $115
61 - 80lbs $130
81 - 100lbs $150
101 - 120lbs start at $170

Double Coated Breeds
(Does not include a haircut)

0 - 20lbs $110
21 - 40lbs $130
41 - 60lbs $150
61 - 75lbs $170
Dogs over 75lbs, please contact for quote

Long Hair Breeds

0 - 20lbs $110
21 - 40lbs $125
41 - 60lbs $155
61 - 75lbs $175
Dogs over 75lbs, please contact for quote

Poodles and Doodles - Price given as a range due to the variance in coat thickness and density among doodles.
Exact price will be determined during first visit.

Extra Small $115 - $130
Small $130 - $150
Medium $150 - $180
Large $180 - $200
Extra Large $200+

Cancellation/no show policy: Evergroom pet stylists only require you to be home for your initial appointment to meet and create clear instructions for future appointments. If an appointment needs to be canceled, we ask for a minimum of a 2 business days notice. If we cannot receive the pet or if a cancellation happens within 2 business days of your appointment, a cancellation fee is due prior to scheduling any future appointments. Fee will be equal to half of your groom price.