Duke City Dog Spa

Welcome to Duke City Dog Spa

Duke City Dog Spa is a pet grooming salon that provides a gentle, caring, safe and stress-free environment. We provide grooming for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and other exotic / pocket pets.

We create a friendly atmosphere for both your pet and you! Our groomers work with pets one on one to ensure each pet is more confident and comfortable in themselves with each grooming experience.

Staff members are trained in maintaining and responding to the welfare of your pet. We have many tricks up our sleeves including appropriate handling, calming sprays CBD oils if approved by owners and massage techniques that help each animal be as calm and comfortable as possible. We also adjust tools and equipment to be suitable to work with your pets’ individual needs.

We ask that you inform us of your pets likes and dislikes so we can handle your pet and manage the groom in a way that promotes their confidence rather than reduces it. Things like ticklish feet, avoiding patting the head, soreness on a paw, anything, no matter how small can help avoid upsetting a harmonious grooming experience for your furry friend.