Coastal Paw Spa


Our mobile dog grooming services are highly recommended by many pet owners. Check out what some of our clients are saying about our mobile pet grooming:

“Lauren is the dog whisperer. She does amazing work and is simply wonderful with the fur babies. I highly recommend her!! Wonderful Job!”- Heidi & Merlin’s Mom

“Lauren does a great job and our dogs love her! It’s very convenient that she comes to our home to groom the dogs and far less traumatizing for them. Check her out!!”- Dolly & Gracie’s Mom

“Rosco really liked Lauren. She has a therapeutic way of relaxing Rosco”- Rosco’s Mom

“Thank you Lauren!!! The boys love their spa day and the gentle, caring, loving way that you are with them! You are fabulous!!! I will recommend you to all my friends!!!!”- Vegas & Phoenix’s Mom

“Lauren is the best!! She’s very gentle and did an excellent job on our senior female Pomeranian. I would not hesitate to refer her to any of my friends!”- Maggie Mae’s Mom

“Lauren does an excellent job with Jax! He is always happy to see her. Would high recommend”- Jax’s Dad

“Thank you Lauren for being so very patient with Bree. You are helping her get over her fear of having her nails clipped. You have my highest recommendation!”- Bree’s Mom

“EXCELLENT! I contacted Lauren for a deshedding and skin treatment for my super stinky bud. She was able to reduce his day to day shedding down by at least 90% with her Furminator treatment! Being a senior dog, he tends to smell quite a bit. I’ve tried to bathe him myself with all sorts of fancy shampoos and he always seems to stink again in just a few days- the smell is somehow gone! Attentive, caring, and patient. That’s how I’d describe her service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”- Sketch’s Dad

“Lauren at Coastal Paw Spa has always made our dogs happy to be groomed. They don’t like us trimming the nails. She works magic and they look forward to her treatments. Thanks Lauren!”- Harley & Grazia’s Dad