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How does BGE Grooming work?

Our salon runs things very differently than your average grooming salon because we provide a specialty service!

We are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not accept walk ins. You cannot just call and book an appointment if you are a NEW CLIENT. ALL NEW CLIENTS must go to our website and fill out our new client application. Once your application has been reviewed (can take 24-48 hours) our receptionist will call you to schedule an appointment.

Once your application has been reviewed our receptionist will do a quick phone interview with you about your pet before we can proceed with booking an appointment. We cannot book any appointments until our phone interview has been completed. We take safety very seriously at our salon.

Please keep in mind we are a specialty grooming salon. We do NOT use ANY crates or cage dryers. We usually book about two weeks in ADVANCE, especially on the weekends!

Most of our clientele is already booked on a regular schedule through the rest of the year. That means that high demand appointments like mornings or Saturday's only have limited spots available. Please plan accordingly.

You can NOT request an appointment the night before and expect to have an appointment the next day. We are not a last minute grooming salon.

We are VERY strict with our policies because we are a CAGE FREE FACILITY. We do what is best for your pet not you. We do not brush out severe matting. We do not force haircuts on puppies. We do not make nails bleed because you want their nails shorter but don't come often for grooming. It's important your pet feels comfortable for grooming. Your pets trust us and we take that bond seriously.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your SCHEDULED appointment you are AUTOMATICALLY forced to RESCHEDULE. Every pet has a TIMED grooming slot and tardiness ruins the efficiency of our salon and will put other clients behind which we do not tolerate.

We are very flexible and willing to work with unexpected emergencies however we must be notified properly.

Our grooming photo shoots are COMPLIMENTARY and are taken as a courtesy to our clients because we appreciate you! We love and appreciate all of you!

Our salon is NOT a daycare and it is important that you pick up your pet on time after they are finished. We will always give you a heads up that your pet is almost ready so you can start heading over to pick them up.

We are a certified force free grooming facility. That means our groomers use positive reinforcement and therapeutic grooming techniques during our cage free grooming sessions with your pet. We do NOT force grooming on any pets. We also do NOT accept pets under any type of sedation.

Our salon goes over and beyond for every client however we follow our policies at all times. This is how we keep our salon running safely and efficiently!

Your pets safety is FIRST priority which is why we do NOT answer the phone while we are grooming. Thank you all for understanding our policies and respecting them!

We know this is a lot of information to take in however we promise we do what is best for your pet! We want your pet to enjoy their cage free grooming appointment with us! We are rated the #1 grooming salon in Oviedo for a reason!

We sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you! Thank you for being a part of our BGE family!