BGE Grooming

BGE Grooming where cage free grooming gets better results

We are so glad you found us!

We are a private BY APPOINTMENT ONLY grooming salon who offers kennel free and stress free grooming! We offer one on one grooming appointments and do not use cage dryers. We do not believe in crates, cage dryers or heat dryers! We specialize in therapeutic grooming techniques. We LOVE to make grooming fun! It is very important every pet learns to enjoy grooming and receives the BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE! You have definitely come to the right place if you want the best care possible for your pet!

We know how much you love your pets and we also know that sometimes grooming can be stressful. We believe it shouldn't be because it is a necessity to your pets livelihood!

Unlike most grooming salons where your pet is crated sometimes for hours with no potty break and even put into a cage with a dryer on it, we offer an express grooming service with no cages, no cage drying and individual one on one attention your pet needs to have a stress free grooming experience!

At BGE Grooming we don't just groom pets we pamper them!

We care for every single pet that comes through our home salon. We treat every pet with individual attention like it's part of our own family. Each dog has its own special grooming needs and attention.

Thus, being the BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE which is individualized for each and every pet.

Because our groomers groom only one pet at a time (unless they are from the same family) we are able to give your pet the individual attention they need and deserve while being groomed. At BGE Grooming there is no loud noises, no loud dogs barking, and it is a stress free environment for your pet. We also care for our lovely pet parents; by sharing their furry baby’s haircuts, concerns, and preventive care for them. We keep dogs and pets on a routine and timely schedule , so we are able to give them a break if needed.

**If you are a NEW CLIENT and would like to schedule an appointment with us you must fill out our new client application below. We can't wait to meet your pet!**

What does BGE stand for? Best Grooming Experience of course!

How does BGE Grooming work?

Our salon runs things very differently than your average grooming salon because we provide a specialty service!

Please keep in mind we are a specialty grooming salon. We do NOT use ANY crates or cage dryers. We usually book in ADVANCE, especially on the weekends!

Most of our clientele is already booked on a regular schedule through the rest of the year. That means that high demand appointments like mornings or Saturday's only have limited spots available. Please plan accordingly.

We are VERY strict with our policies because we are a CAGE FREE FACILITY. We do what is best for your pet not you. We do not brush out severe matting. We do not force haircuts on puppies. We do not make nails bleed because you want their nails shorter but don't come often for grooming. It's important your pet feels comfortable for grooming. Your pets trust us and we take that bond very seriously.

We are very flexible and willing to work with unexpected emergencies however we must be notified properly.

Our grooming photo shoots are COMPLIMENTARY and are taken as a courtesy to our clients because we appreciate you! We love and appreciate all of you!

Our salon is NOT a daycare and it is important that you pick up your pet on time after they are finished. We will always give you a heads up that your pet is almost ready so you can start heading over to pick them up.

We are a certified force free grooming facility. That means our groomers use positive reinforcement and therapeutic grooming techniques during our cage free grooming sessions with your pet. We do NOT force grooming on any pets. We also do NOT accept pets under any type of sedation.

Our salon goes over and beyond for every client however we follow our policies at all times. This is how we keep our salon running safely and efficiently!

Your pets safety is FIRST priority which is why we do NOT answer the phone while we are grooming. Thank you all for understanding our policies and respecting them!

Please also make sure to pick up within 30 mins after we call you to avoid a $25 daycare fee because we do not have any cages or kennels and we are not a daycare facility.

We want to thank all of our amazing clients for understanding!

We know this is a lot of information to take in however we promise we do what is best for your pet! We want your pet to enjoy their cage free grooming appointment with us!

We are rated the #1 grooming salon in Oviedo for a reason!

We sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you! Thank you for being a part of our BGE family!