Best Of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique

Best Of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique
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Pricing - Best Of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique

ALL PRICES are subject to individual evaluation

Differences in pricing on size reflect varying size, hair coat and temperament/difficulty. All GROOM PACKAGES include nail dremeling, ✔check/clean ears, ✔check anal sacs, ✔check teeth, ✔check overall health/condition. Advice is available on nutrition, training & grooming. There is a weight scale for your convenience.

Petzlife Oral Care Dental Treatment

Zymox LP3 Enzyme Treatment or Chlorhexidine for itchy or inflamed skin

Dead Sea Mineral or Madra Mor Mud Rehydrating Spa Treatment

$1.00 per minute. This is in addition to basic groom package for dogs or cats.

Profile Trim
$5.00^ Dependent on size and is in addition to basic groom pkg.

.Nail Clipping &/or Dremeling

Problem Or Large Nails
$2.50^ in addition to the base price of $15.00

DLH (Longhair) Cat Bath

DSH (Shorthair) Cat Bath

DLH and DSH Cat Clip Pkg

Hand Stripping &/or Carding
$1.00 per minute

Large Breed Clip Pkg
$80.00 & up

Large Breed Bath-Deshed Pkg
$60 & up

Medium Bath-Deshed Pkg
$40.00 & up

Medium Breed Clip Pkg
$68.00 & up

Small Bath & Deshed Pkg
$25.00 & up

Small Breed Clip Pkg
$58.00 & up

Partials (not clipping body or legs) is $15 discount from full groom.