Best Of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique

ALL PRICES are subject to individual evaluation

Differences in pricing on size reflect varations in size, hair coat and temperament/difficulty. All GROOM PACKAGES include nail dremeling, ✔check/clean ears, ✔check anal sacs, ✔check teeth, ✔check overall health/condition. Advice is available on nutrition, training & grooming. There is a weight scale for your convenience.
Oral Care Dental Treatment

Chlorahexadine shampoo, conditioning masks or Hemp Oil treatments for itchy or inflamed skin

$2.00 per minute. This is in addition to basic groom package for dogs or cats.

Partial or Profile Trim
$10.00^ Dependent on size and is in addition to basic groom pkg.

Nail Dremeling or Clipping

Problem Or Large Nails
$5^ in addition to the base price of $20.00

DLH (Longhair) Cat Bath

DSH (Shorthair) Cat Bath

DLH and DSH Cat Clip Pkg

Hand Stripping, Raking &/or Carding
$3.00 per minute

Large Breed Clip Pkg Under 70lbs

Large Breed Clip Pkg 70lbs-99lbs

Large Breed Clip Pkg 100lbs & Over

Large Breed Bath/De-Shed Pkg Under 100lbs

Large Breed Bath/De-Shed Pkg 100lbs & Over

Medium Bath/De-Shed Pkg

Medium Breed Clip Pkg

Small Bath/De-Shed Pkg

Small Breed Clip Pkg