Best Of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique


I'm DEBBIE LARSON owner & operator/stylist at BOBPS&P. We are a full service salon for dogs and cats. In addition to basic breed trims I offer hand stripping of terriers and carding for certain jacketed breeds.
I am not accepting new clients at this time.

Hi, I am DEB MARTELL a stylist at BOBPS&P. I welcome all breeds & mixes of dogs and do basic breed trims and de-shedding. I currently don't do felines.
I am not accepting new clients at this time.

ALERT! The salon is on a very busy street. Pets MUST be on a leash or in a carrier upon arrival for their safety. **PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG LOOSE IN THE BED OF A PICKUP!!**Most pets do not enjoy the spa experience and are not always willing to enter. This is no reflection on your groomer, it is just normal animal behavior. **PLEASE SECURELY LEASH YOUR PETS, I INSIST!** :)

We are Debbie Larson a professional pet stylist since 1982 and Deb Martell a pro stylist since 2012. We stay current with all the latest styles & trends & use all high end products on your companions. Pet styling is not only my profession (Debbie Larson) it’s my passion. It eventually led me to showing dogs as a hobby & I have shown several breeds to their Championships in AKC as well as ASCA(Australian Shepherd Club). I have also titled a few dogs in obedience competitions. I am a firm believer in continuing education & take time out to travel to trade shows & grooming seminars. Skin & coat is a reflection of an animals over all health & I spend many hours researching diet & nutrition to help my clientele be the best & healthiest they can be!