Amelia's Muttley Crew Grooming Inc

Grooming Pricing

**Everything is done by appointment. We do not currently accept walk-ins.**

Grooming, Baths, & Grooming Add-Ons

All of our dog baths & grooms are typically 1 - 4 hours and include -

A bath using a high-quality luxurious shampoo
A deep conditioning
Deshedding (if applicable)
Fluff drying
Nail clipping
Ear cleaning and plucking

Dog grooms include all of the above plus the haircut.

For an additional charge any of the following can be added to your pet's groom -

Pearly Whites packages -
$10 - brushing with regular toothpaste
$15 - plaqclnz spray, brush with toothbrush and toothpaste, finish with a freshening spray

(If your pet does not allow us to do this service you will only be charged $5 to cover the items used)

Pawdicure Packages -
$3 - Moisturizing paw balm
$3 - Nail grind

Spa packages -

$15 Spoiled Pooch - paw soak in a sanitizing and skin soothing fizzy bath bomb, moisturizing paw balm

$10 Doggone Bugs, Be Gone! - Flea & Tick shampoo and flea comb to remove fleas followed by a deep conditioning. (required for all pets with fleas)

Grooming & Bath Prices for dogs:

Our grooming and bath prices are based upon breed, size, and coat condition. We can give you an estimate to the best of our ability over the phone or through messaging. Because we can not accurately measure size or the condition of the coat over the phone or through pictures we can not guarantee a price quote that is not given in person. However, the price will typically be within $10-15 of the price quoted.

A LA CART Services:

Appointments can be made for these services without a bath or groom. These services generally take 5-15 minutes to complete.

Nails: $12 Clip or $15 Grind
Face Feet Fanny: $30
Ear Pluck & Clean : $10


We offer discounts for service dogs, military, EMS, fire fighters, and police.