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Your dog will be well cared for and pampered by the professional staff at 4 Paws Adrift. Ruby looks so forward to her underwater treadmill appointments.
- Lilly

Jessica and Julie are fantastic to work with and the underwater treadmill is definitely helping our rescue dog gain muscle and an even gait. (Our good boy was in a cage for 8 months before we rescued him from the shelter.)
- Jaclyn

I wanted to thank Jodi and all the people at 4 Paws Adrift. My Alaskan Klee Kai Ani and Korra love the swimming classes. Ani really loved puppy 1 and 2 classes. Not only do we learn how to swim, the puppies also learn skills that are helpful every day as well as in other dog sports. My dogs went from not wanting to get their feet wet to swimming in a short time. We love these classes. Thank you!
- Gabe

Absolutely amazing place and such a fun atmosphere. It's well maintained and my pup had a great first time with such a kind "woof"guard. I would recommend to all the dog moms and dads!
- Carissa

I just has my first session with my 9 month old Aussie puppy who is very timid around water. Jessica and Jodi were both extremely patient, kind, and fun when working with my boy. Even though we didn't fully make it into the water, he had a lot of fun and I know he will come back with more confidence. Looking forward to more sessions!
- Sam

I couldnt thank the ladies at 4paws adrift more for helping me and my Aussie. My dog was diagnosed at 8 months with spondylosis and a massive compression fracture between L3 and L4. Not only has the aqua tread been good for his brain, he is well muscled and staying fit. Hoping to do this with my favorite trainers for years to come!
- Adrienne

Kyper had her initial evaluation with Jessica.
We are beyond thrilled with the experience. Jessica was patient and encouraging of our skittish dog. She brought out the best in Kyper! Kyper seemed to know she did something well. She reverted to puppyish behavior when she got home. Who knows? Maybe it was endorphins. We'll definitely take it. We are looking forward to continued sessions with Jessica to help give Kyper her best life.
- Cathleen

Brought our 7 year old Aussie mix after a repeat ACL injury. Was trying to avoid surgery. Water treadmill and Bemer mat have been amazing for her - she's much stronger (the muscles in that leg had atrophied as she babied the leg) and the vet could feel the healing tissue. We started slowly and built up her strength and endurance and (to my surprise) she's come to love it here. Very happy and Jess is great. Oh, and Jade lost 4-5 lbs, too! (the weight she'd gained when her injury meant no walks)
- Debbie

I found 4 Paws Adrift looking for swim therapy for my 11yr. old Bo. Jess has shown nothing but patience and kindness for Bo while building a program that is helping him to regain strength in his front leg. Bo has never swum before but he is learning in a safe and caring environment. I highly recommend Jess and 4 Paws Adrift!
- Susan

I have had such a GREAT experience at 4 Paws Adrift. my Rottie boy Dice went from not wanting to put a toe in the water to loving swimming and diving in!
- Rauqel

Chino loves his swim time with Jess! She is so patient and warm with him, he absolutely adores her. It’s so wonderful to see him build confidence and pride in himself! I highly recommend taking your dogs here - we come all the way from Staten Island!
- Regina

There are absolutely no words to express my appreciation and respect for the love, patience, and true investment 4 Paws Adrift dedicated to our 12 1/2-year-old German Shepherd, Bella. The last 19 months of her life were so beautiful (and made 95% mobile and 100% happy) because of you. Thank you for keeping our girl healthy, and strong as long as we could, and even more so, thank you for being there during and after our final farewells. We forever love you and are grateful for you
- Kara

Absolutely the BEST! Erica made our lives so much more special. She brought out the best in my dachshund, Reagan - and subsequently, in mine as well. Will forever be grateful.
- Nelia