3 Dogs Max

3 Dogs Max
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Pricing - 3 Dogs Max



We believe in personalized attention. Although we have enough space to handle 100 dogs we decided that we would cap it off at 40 pups. We really want to build a relationship with every dog that struts in our door. And unlike some hotels that have strict check in and check out times, we offer our guests a true 24-hour stay as long as pickup and drop-off occur between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm. Our fees include the overnight stay and the daytime play group. Who wants their pup locked up in a kennel all day -- doggies want to play play play play play.

Although we are kennel free, we do partition off areas and group dogs into mini packs based on affinity, temperament and size. We do make size exceptions for bonded pairs. In that case we would either create their own little group or match them other dogs with similar play habits. Tell us all about your dog and we will create a personalized experience, full of joy.


​Your fur baby is never left unattended in a boring kennel. Our playgroup leaders play with all of the pups in both the yard and the indoor big room.


    Small Pups (up to 19 pounds): $60 per night
    Medium Pups (20 to 50 pounds): $70 per night
    Large Pups (51 pounds and up) $80 per night
    Two dogs: $110
    Three dogs: $160


We understand that your pup is your family. You have our promise that we will provide a safe, loving and fun place for your pup to visit daily, weekly or occasionally. Our playgroup leaders are pet CPR certified and receive scheduled trainings with our director of training, Ren Volpe. Ren is an amazing trainer that stresses positive reinforcement and strong but not dominant and not harmful intervention.

We have 5,000 square feet of outdoor space divided into small and big dog areas that features state-of-the-art astro turf. We alternate between the outdoor play area and 2,000 square feet of indoor space. Pups that need down time are taken to the sleeping area. All areas are cleaned daily with a non-toxic bleach-alternative made of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice.


Book a single stay. Up to 10 hours of Co-Wagging time between the hours of 7am to 7pm . During this time your pup will be put in a group that is determined by affinity, temperament and size. Each dog gets a nice mix of outdoor playtime in our 5,000 square foot play space, indoor group playtime and some down time.

FULL DAY (10 hours of play between 7am to 7pm)
    Full Day one dog $48
    Full Day two dogs $75
    Full Day three dogs $110

HALF DAY (up to 5 hours of play between 7am and 7pm)
    Half Day one dog $30
    Half Day two dogs $50
    Half Day three dogs $75


Save with our Multi Day Packs and Multi Day Limo Packs! Our multi-day packs are valid up to 90 days from your date of purchase. We offer several options that will work with your lifestyle.

    10 half-days for one dog: $270
    10 half-days for two dogs: $500
    10 half-days with Pickup & Drop Off: $370
    10 full days for one dog: $400
    10 full days for two dogs: $650
    10 full days with Pickup & Drop Off: $500

East Side Special - Flexible 5

If you can be flexible with the exact hours and you live in 94124 ,94134, 94112 or 94110 we will pick up your dog between the hours of 10am and 1pm and bring them back between 4pm and 7pm we have the package for you. We pick up your dog, bring them over to play for 4 hours and then take them home nice and tired (and happy). We will offer use of a lockbox if you are not home for pickup and dropoff.

    10 East Side Specials (5 hours including pickup in 94124, 94110, 94134): $350
    10 East Side Specials for two dogs: $500