Puppers, LLC

Proper Primping for the Dapper Dog

At Puppers we are dedicated to one customer at a time… You! Every pet deserves to feel at home during his or her service. Your pet is family and they deserve more. We treat your dog with special care and attention during their appointment: One Groomer. One Pet. We understand that special needs dogs need more specialized attention. That is what we provide: a calm presence for a calm experience for your pet. Our customers both furry and human come first. We provide a warm, private, and inviting environment for your pet. No two pets are alike, and we provide individually crafted treatments for every pup. We take pride in making sure all our customers both furry and human, are happy and comfortable. All of our services are offered on site at your home or office. You and your pet never need to suffer the stressful commute to the groomers, or endure the anxiety of all day separation. At Puppers Grooming, we offer a full nose to tail service menu for all your grooming needs, including: washes, dematting, flea dips, teeth cleaning, flattering breed coat trims… or even a creative piece of art that will turn heads at the dog park. All at your door.