Primped Pooches

New Client Application


Please fill out the new client application below.

-Non aggressive dogs only.
-Senior pets and/or pets with health conditions will be recommended to a vet for grooming.

-When we arrive, we will ring the doorbell and assess the pet. At this time we will determine what haircut/services they will be requiring.
-Once in the van, we will do all services start to finish with no interruptions. If you need to contact us while your pet is receiving their service, you will need to text us. DO NOT KNOCK ON THE VAN DOOR.
-Upon completion, we will return to the front door and take payment. Charges will be based on the duration of services. We accept card, cash, or checks. Tipping is not required but greatly appreciated.

We are a luxury mobile dog grooming service for Frisco and surrounding areas! Our vans are completely self contained so we do not require any hook ups to your home! We accept healthy, non-aggressive dogs under 60 lbs. Our professional stylists each have over 10 years of experience.