Platinum Pooch Salon

Platinum Pooch Salon
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Pricing - Platinum Pooch Salon


Pricing varies by your pet's needs and coat condition. Please view our grooming packages or call/text the salon at 226-789-0130 for a quote.

Each dog we groom gets the very best clip we can give, so we’ve made our grooming packages more inclusive to get the best results. We want each pooch to shine!

All Packages Include:

Cleansing Head to Toe Bath
Using shampoo appropriate for your dog’s skin and coat, making sure to lather and rinse twice for maximum cleaning.

Deep Conditioning Coat Treatment
Creating a shiny coat and healthy skin, helping with loosening undercoat to make deshedding and detangling more effective.

Blow Dry and Brush Out
Using a high velocity dryer to examine skin condition and rapidly blow out loose hair and undercoat.

Nail Trimming and Grinding
First using clippers to take length off the nail, then using a grinder to smooth the surface.

Ear Cleaning
Using a gentle cleanser to remove debris.

Collar flower, bandanna, tie or bowtie
Choose one that suits your pet’s personality!

And, Of Course,
Unlimited baby talking, reassurance, treats, cuddles and pictures!