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Pricing - Mitten's Kittens

Cat Grooming Services

Long Hair: $55 Includes a bath, blowout, brush out, nail trim, ear and eye cleaning and a sanitary trim.
Short Hair: $45 (priced as long hair if above 10lbs or matted) Includes a bath, blowout, brush out, nail trim and ear and eye cleaning.

Baths are vital for the health and cleanliness of your cat. It significantly reduces, shedding, dander, and mats. Cats are naturally oily and shedding hair mixes with the oils and causes matting

Add On: Shaves

Lioncuts: $20+ a lioncut is a shave cut close to the skin leaving a full, fluffy face with a traditional pom tail. This is an excellent choice to reduce shedding and is the only choice for matted cats.

Combcut: $30 (cat must not be matted) this cut shortens the length of long coats, but not completely shaved. This is a good choice for reducing shedding while keeping the overall look of the coat.

Nail Trims: $10

Nail Caps: All Paws: $25 Front or Back Paws Only: $15 Nail caps are great for conscientious cat parents. It is 100% humane and are completely safe and non toxic.