Happy Dog Acres


Happy Dog Acres is a veteran-owned dog boarding, training, and daycare facility outside Roscommon, Michigan, conveniently located just off of US-127 and I-75, north of Higgins Lake. With staff onsite 24/7; individualized care for every pet; and a calm, country atmosphere we are a great choice!

We accept all breeds, there are no spaying or neutering requirements, and we do not turn away any pets just because they have been deemed "challenging." If your dog has special needs or medical issues, we would love to speak with you about them before you book your reservations to be sure we can accommodate them at that time. Please notify us if your dog has a tendency to try to escape, has any food or environmental allergies, has a tendency to destroy bedding or toys, is food or toy possessive, or is reactive to humans or other dogs.

We do require all pets staying with us to be up-to-date on the following vaccines in addition to having a recent clean fecal exam within the last 3 months:
  • Rabies,
  • Distemper/Parvo (Dhpp),
  • and Bordetella (kennel cough).

We believe that during the day all guests including boarding, daycare, and play and train are entitled to the same level of exercise and enrichment without extra fees or charges. Appropriate activities are chosen for each pup in order to keep them as safe and happy as possible. We offer off-leash group play, leashed walks, one-on-one play with staff, individual/family sniff time, and cuddle time. We let dogs be dogs. Dogs like to run, chase, be chased, grab each others’ necks, fall down, bark, dig, trip, pull on each others’ ears, and tumble around. To pet parents, this play could look worrisome, but this is standard dog play! Our staff monitor all dogs to ensure they are safe and having fun. If at any point your dog gets scared or overwhelmed, our staff will intervene.

You can bring food, treats, blankets/beds, toys, etc. for your pup if you think it will make their stay more comfortable. We do ask that you not bring any food, toys, or chews that your pet has not had before, that upsets their stomach, or that they need to be supervised while in possession of. Metal bowls and elevated cots are provided.

When you arrive at Happy Dog Acres, please remain in your car and call or text us. One of our staff will greet you at your car to meet your pup and collect the information needed for us to care for them during their stay.