EZDogRunningMobile LLC


Perfect for first time runners.

$50 per dog - Up to 3 dogs.

Give us a go for a full 30-minute session.

This first session is us introducing your wet nosed buddy to the self-propelled treadmills.

We do offer a Multiple Dog Discount!

Great for the doggies who want to keep on running! $50 per dog - Up to 3 dogs.

We're sure your four legged family member enjoyed their first run with us, this is every session after the introductory. At first we will continue simple 30-minute sessions but we will help build agility and burn off more of that seemingly never ending energy. Please remember that our treadmills are self-propelled and your dog exercises at his/her own pace.

On Demand
$50 per dog - Up to 3 dogs.
Does your wet nosed best friend get TOO excited when guests walk in through your door? If so, give us a call and we can be at your doorstep ASAP to help your dog burn off that ENERGY he/she has built up inside. After the run your paw-fect doggie will feel more calm and content with the help of an extremely fun workout.