EZDogRunningMobile LLC

Online Appointment Request

Please note that this is only an appointment time request - the selected time you choose may not be available.

First Time Clients: Please select the photo to choose the Introductory session. If you are selecting "Introductory" please select a total of (1) time slot - we will add the extra 30 minutes to total 1 hour. We need the extra time to help your dog(s) build confidence on the treadmills.(Every dog is different. Introductory session length varies per dog.)

On the assign a service to pet make sure the pet block is highlighted green and select a service on the right it will be highlighted green once selected. Only click on one service block to be highlighted green if you only have one dog for multiple dog(s) make sure all service areas are highlighted green. Then click finish we will edit the appointment on our end to make sure all dog(s) time and service are accounted for and you will receive a confirmation text to confirm appointment. We can run up to 3 dogs at the same time on the same session!

If you are a returning client please select the photo to choose Continuation or On Demand sessions. Please select only (1) time slot - totaling 30 minutes long. These sessions are chosen after the initial Introductory session.

Please be sure to give your fur-pal(s) a potty break 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session!
Please make sure any feedings are done taken care of at least 2 hours before their session to prevent full bowels or a full stomach of food. (That would be uncomfortable for anyone!)

If you have any questions please give us a call or text at (719) 257-1032.

Woof - aka Thank You!