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Welcome PAW-SOME Dog Parents

If you are a returning pet parent simply select "BOOK AN APPOINMENT" to quickly request an appointment!

In the booking tab page there will be under services following by training you will click book appointment it will direct you to our services for booking.

Attention Pet Parents: Please add your dog(s) birthdays! Here at EZ Dog Running Mobile we LOVE celebrating when your fur-babies were born! If birthday is unknown you can use your "gotcha" date! (When your fur-babies were welcomed into your home!)

My name is Esmeralda (aka Ez)! I'm sure most of us if not all of us pet-parents can agree that our dogs deserve our unconditional love! Sometimes we as human beings get tired of being home, indoors or being still for long periods of time. What do we do? We either go for a walk, drive and/or anything to get out and brush off that "cooped up" feeling. Dogs feel the same way! Imagine being home alone or just cooped up in one area waiting for your favorite people to get home.. just to find out they had a hard or long day and just want to relax. You would hope your dogs understand but they usually want to play or somehow release that built up energy they have been saving just for you! (That's where EZ Dog Running Mobile comes in to play!) 📞Call me or request an appointment and I'll help them exercise in a climate controlled vehicle right outside your home! EZ Dog Running Mobile can help eliminate or reduce the common behavioral problems such as digging, hyperactivity, chewing, and barking excessively. The 30 minute session will become you and your fur-pal(s) favorite time of day because you get to relax and they get to run... or walk!