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New Client Application - Dr. Pete's Groom And Care

New Client Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the following New Client Application as thoroughly as possible.

Once you fill out the form (required items at a minimum), Dr. Pete will automatically be sent an email that indicates that you would like Dr. Pete to contact you to discuss services, estimate(s) and/or an appointments.

Dr. Pete will contact you within one business day of your submission of this form.

THE PRIMARY WAYS THAT Dr. Pete WILL COMMUNICATE WITH YOU IS PHONE AND EMAIL (not texting). Regarding your email address, although not required, Dr. Pete would greatly appreciate your email address so he can send you a link to a more detailed Intake Questionnaire (using Google Forms/Drive). That questionnaire that you will get via email will provide Dr. Pete with information that is very helpful for him to provide you with the most thorough and highest quality service possible. It also designed as an information and education tool, and helps to highlight very important pet health and hygiene items so they are not neglected. The emailed GOOGLE FORM also contains some requirements that must be met regarding fleas, ticks, lice, and vaccinations in order for Dr. Pete to agree to groom your pet. Filling out the GOOGLE FORM Questionnaire as completely as possible greatly enhances the services that Dr. Pete can provide to you. Filling out the emailed GOOGLE FORM out is not required. If you do not fill it out, or leave questions blank, I will gather the information from you at your first appointment and I will fill it out for you.

Also, regarding email it will allow me to communicate with you more efficiently, send you reminders, appointment follow-ups, and send you links to a Customer Satisfaction Survey, Promotions, etc. (using Google Forms/Drive).

PLEASE NOTE: ON THE FORM LINKED TO BELOW, although Pawfinity states that "all fields are required unless specifically marked *Optional," the "Online Account Access/Password" section may or may not be functional depending on the date when you submitted your "New Client Application" and therefore you may or may not be able to edit your profile after completing your "New Client Application." If you were not able to create a Username and Password, or you chose not to and at any point in the future you chose to do so, contact Dr. Pete so he can help you edit your profile or request a Username and Password from Pawfinity.

Dr. Pete does have the ability to edit your profile after you create the original profile, so Dr. Pete will edit/update your profile based upon follow-up information that you provide to Dr. Pete (using email, phone, Google Form Intake Questionnaire, and/or in person).

Thank you.
Dr. Pete


All fields are required unless specifically marked *Optional


Online account access is available to book appointments as well as view and edit your profile information. This access is free for all pet owners.

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