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Dr. Pete's Groom + Care, LLC

Premium grooming and care with physician insight.

This page contains a link to the "New Client Application" and an overview of Dr. Pete's Groom and Care, LLC.

Please note:

1. At the bottom of this page, after the overview of Dr. Pete's Groom and Care, LLC you will find the "New Client Application" button that is for you if you are a new client (meaning that Dr. Pete has never groomed any pet of yours). If Dr. Pete has groomed at least one pet of yours at any time, please return to the Dr. Pete's Groom and Care website ( drpetesgrooming.com ) and select the "Existing Client" button.

2. Clicking on the "New Client Application" button below will take you to a form to fill out. Once you fill out the form (required items at a minimum), Dr. Pete will automatically be sent an email that indicates that you would like Dr. Pete to contact you to discuss services, estimate(s) and/or an appointments.

3. Dr. Pete will contact you within one business day of your submission of this form.

About Dr. Pete's Groom and Care, LLC

Dr. Pete’s Groom + Care mobile grooming service is owned and operated by Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM, a retired veterinarian and professor.

I provide high quality grooming and care for beloved dogs and cats that improves a pet’s physical and mental health, focusing on your individual pet one at a time. Dr. Pete provides a convenient, caring pet grooming service that reduces the time and stress (to owner and pet) of bringing pet(s) to a “brick and mortar” grooming shop.

Dr. Pete provides more than what a typical pet groomer can provide, without the costs of a visit to a licensed veterinarian. In addition to high quality grooming, I offer basic pet care services, veterinary and nutrition advice, first aid, basic veterinary treatments and veterinary insight to help pet owners determine if they need to get additional veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Pete will not provide services that require a veterinary medical license, but as a retired veterinarian, will provide exceptional valuable veterinary insights and advice without the cost (and hassle) of an office visit to a licensed veterinarian.

Please visit my full website at DrPetesGrooming.com for additional information and to see what services we can provide.

Please click the button below to fill out our client application. You may call with any questions regarding services, availability, or pricing.