Dog Training By Vanessa


"100 percent. Recommend. Love everything about Vanessa , Thank you for taking my boys in , and the continued help and support for me and them going forward" - Denise Mason, January 2020

"My puppy just came back from a 2 week board and train. And I’m amazed with the changes in her in just two short weeks. She is much more behaved and did so well on an outing today as well as I was able to leave her out of her crate when I left for dinner and she didn’t get into anything or jump on anyone when we got home. I will definitely recommend Vanessa to all my friend" - Krista Scott, November 2018

"Vanessa is a dog whisperer! She had my labordoodle heeling in 3 minutes! We could barley get him to walk on a gentle leader. She really knows what she is talking about and makes it easy to practice at home on your own. I highly recommend her for any training needs!" - Chelsey Caperson, July 2018

"Bringing our Goldendoodle puppy, Holly, to Vanessa for a 3 week board and train was the best decision we have made thus far since adopting our sweet girl! Vanessa is incredibly knowledgable, patient and so kind. Holly exhibited normal, energetic puppy behavior before we took her to Vanessa. She had trouble focusing and listening, would jump and nip constantly and had pretty poor leash and off leash behavior. Holly also struggled with socialization and feared being around other dogs. With only three weeks with Vanessa, Holly's attention span has improved so much. She no longer jumps or nips at us or guests and she can hold a down stay command for almost 3 minutes! Plus, she LOVES other dogs now and plays so well with dogs and puppies of all ages/sizes. We have found a trusted trainer for life and we are so grateful that we found Vanessa to help us with our wild, love-able puppy!" - Elizabeth Fischman, December 2019

I adopted an 11 yr old pit mix last January. Koby is a great dog, but sometimes rowdy on our walks and reactive to other dogs. After breaking my wrist when he dragged me across the street to meet a cute little lab, I knew we needed professional help.
He stayed with Vanessa for about 2 weeks. She did an excellent job training him. Koby is now calm as we start out walks; heeling and stopping/sitting on cue; and even remaining calm when we see other dogs.
I am SO happy with the results that Vanessa achieved in a short period of time. Koby is far more obedient and she taught me effective ways for me to interact with him. I highly recommend Vanessa to help you with any problems you are having with your dog.