Dirty Dawgs

Grooming and Training Online Booking

TOAD AVOIDANCE TRAINING: Please click on "Book an Appointment" and go to the Month of May for Toad Avoidance Training to book your 15-minute slot.

GROOMING: Please select "Book an Appointment" for grooming services located at 3055 N Campbell Ave #133 in Tucson. Dirty Dawgs no longer provides mobile grooming services and only accepts appointments at our physical location on Campbell Avenue. Dirty Dawgs does not accept pets over 80lbs for grooming services. All grooming services require a card on file to hold your grooming appointment (not charged at booking) and we require 72 hours notice for cancellation. Please be sure to read waivers/disclaimers prior to scheduling grooming. Please note that Dirty Dawgs is CAGE FREE and we will provide you with an EXACT TIME to return for your pet after grooming services. A late-charge will be added per 10 minutes late by owner after designated pick-up time. Please plan to pick-up your pet within 1-1.5 hours of your scheduled appointment time. Thank you.