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New Client Application - Dirty Dawgs

New Client Application

GROOMING: Weight of the pet is required for all grooming requests. No grooming request will be responded to if the pet's weight is not filled out in the profile.

BOARDING/DAYCARE: DO NOT SCHEDULE BOARDING IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD A MEET & GREET. You must schedule a meet & greet first. WHEN YOU ARE SCHEDULING A MEET & GREET ON THIS PORTAL, PLEASE CLICK ON "DAYCARE" TO SCHEDULE THE MEET & GREET OPTION. Meet and Greets are required before any daycare packages are purchased or any boarding is reserved. Please choose the best day for your meet and greet. Meet and greets are Tuesday - Friday only. Drop-Off for Meet & Greets are 7a-8a on the day of the Meet & Greet. Doors lock PROMPTLY at 8am. Meet and Greets may not be scheduled more than once. Once a Meet & Greet is completed, the only other option for Dirty Dawgs Doggy Daycare /Boarding is either the purchase of a daycare package or boarding reservation. You MAY NOT schedule a Meet & Greet more than once for the purpose of single day daycare use. As we include daycare in all boarding, it is ill advised to schedule a meet and greet the same time you need boarding unless your dog regularly plays with other unfamiliar dogs. Boarding drop-off/pick up window times are 7a-8a or 4p-5p on the dates you are dropping off and picking up. Daycare is Tuesday-Friday only (no weekends). Drop-Off for all daycare is 7a-8a, and pick-up is 4p-5p. Thank you.

PETSITTING: Please only select 1 dog for petsitting if you have NO MORE than 3 dogs for petsitting. If you have more than 3 dogs, please pay for only 1 dog and when we call to discuss, we will take the additional payment over the phone.

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