Dapper Doggies CO


Size Chart
Sm (0-24 Lbs), Med (25-54 Lbs), Lg (55-84 Lbs), Xl (85+ Lbs)
*All cats are considered small

At minimum, a Spa Scrub must be booked

Spa Scrub
$80 sm, $85 med, $90 lg, $100 xl
Our spa scrub includes a pre-groom consultation with your groomer, brush and comb to remove loose dirt and debris, warm bath with your desired shampoo and conditioner, hand blow dry of the body, towel dry of the face and ears, complete brush out and comb finish of the body, sanitary trim, nail trim, paw pad trim, ear cleaning, fragrance (if desired), and a post-groom consultation.

Deshedding Treatment
$30 sm, $35 med, $40 lg, $50 xl
Control excessive shedding with a specialized shampoo and conditioner coupled with extra time devoted to brushing out the undercoat of the pet.

Light Trim
$5 sm, $10 med, $15 lg, $20 xl
A hand trim of the face, feet, and tail.

Full Body Trim
$15 sm, $20 med, $25 lg, $30 xl
A hand trim of the face, feet, tail, belly, and “feathers” which refer to the long hairs on the legs. This is not a full body haircut, but rather a clean-up of the overall coat which does not significantly reduce the coat length.

Shave Down
$30 sm, $35 med, $40 lg, $45 xl
An all-over body clip to the desired length with a face trim to the desired shape (also known as a "Puppy Cut" for a dog or “Lion Cut” for a cat)

Blueberry Facial
Treat your pet (and yourself when you are giving those much-deserved kisses) with a blueberry scented facial treatment massaged into your pet's face and head. This is a great way to reduce tear stains and is a calming treat for your furbaby.

Teeth Brushing
Get rid of that stinky breath and take care of your pet's oral health. Only pet toothpaste is used.

Paw Pad & Nose Treatment
Soothe your pet's tender, dry paw pads and nose with this gentle balm.

Skin Remedy
Soothe your pet's dry skin with this luxurious aloe-based conditioner.

$20 p/ 15 Minutes
Removal of matted fur. Additional fees may be applied to groom severely matted pets. Your groomer will be happy to discuss with you ways to prevent matting in the future.

If your pet is determined to have fleas, the groom will end immediately, and you will be referred to your veterinarian to avoid the spread to other pets we groom. If a tick(s) is found on your pet, you will be notified immediately. Your groomer will remove the tick, with your permission, at $5.00 per tick. Dapper Doggies will not be held responsible for any health conditions that result in the removal of ticks.