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Contemporary Canine


Hello Merritt!

The salon is up and running, you'll just notice a few of our finishing touches are still being worked on. Please be extra aware at this time that there are NO gates and NO fencing around the building.

Location, Parking and Client Entry
The physical address of the Salon is 1876 Coldwater Avenue. The Salon building is accessed through the rear lane located off River Street. There is a drop-off parking spot next to the Salon building. The client entry door is on the short side of the building facing the neighbors garage.

Please Also Note
The salon was built with your pet as the primary focus. It is approximately 150 sq ft divided into two separate rooms. This means that I have no interior designated waiting area and limited space for additional bodies. Avoiding distractions, such as other pets or people, allows the salon to be as safe and low stress as possible. Please refrain from knocking or trying the doorknob unless explicitly told your pet is finished and ready for pick-up! An outdoor porch area with seating will be available in the near future. Please speak softly and gently close gates to avoid tipping your pet off to your arrival!

Please click the button below to fill out our client application. You may call with any questions regarding services, availability, or pricing.