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My client list is officially closed. This is hopefully a temporary measure to allow me to catch up on creating custom schedules for my existing client list, and to find room for those awaiting their first booking. Client applications remain open, however all applications received from Dec 2020 onward are waitlist applications. They will be pulled in the order they are received, and you will be contacted once there is an appropriate appointment slot available within a reasonable timeframe for your pet/s. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you incur any issues with submitting your application. Wait times will depend on duration of appointment required for your pet/s as well as your availability for appointment scheduling. Current availability for those on the waitlist is between 6 and 12 weeks.
Location, Parking and Client Entry

We are located on Coldwater Avenue, across from Home Hardware. You can access the salon from either River Street or Chapman Street through the rear lane. Our sign is visible from both directions. I recommend entering from Chapman with larger SUV's and trucks, as well as in wet or snowy conditions. This allows you to exit your vehicle onto our cleared parking area, instead of the middle of the lane, which can get muddy/icy. It also provides me drivers side access to retrieve your pets from the vehicle for you.
Please Also Note

The salon was built with your pet as the primary focus. It is approximately 150 sq ft divided into two separate rooms. I do not have a waiting area, or holding area for pets. A 15-30 minute pick-up window is provided with all appointments. Adhering to drop-off and pick-up times as closely as possible helps keep the salon running smoothly, and ideally eliminates the possibility of coming into contact with another customer. Avoiding distractions, such as other pets or people, also allows the salon to be as safe and low stress as possible.

Use the buttons below to fill out our client application and submit service appointment requests quickly and conveniently online. Please call with any questions you may have.