Bubbles and Biscuits Pet Spa

Bubbles and Biscuits Pet Spa and Social Club

Bubbles and Biscuits is a Pet Spa and Social Club for dogs. Bubbles and Biscuits provide an experience that will nourish your soul just as much as it does your dog’s spirit and body. We believe in bringing the community together through animal care, so we offer more than just grooming services. Our services include three levels of grooming, a self-serve bathing and drying area, luxury grooming and posh grooming options. In our social area we offer enrichment sessions, doggie day camp and training options.

We are two friends who became family; our chosen family. With over 40 years of combined experience in the animal industry on several levels, we have run 2 separate successful businesses while never losing sight of what truly matters: Our animals and clients are families!

Bubbles and Biscuits Pet Spa & Social Club is a space created for pet lovers to gather, learn, share and support each other. The company provides easier, safer and healthier solutions to caring for your pets while building a community through friendship and fur babies.
It takes a village… Become apart of our village