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Bath & Biscuits
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Pricing - Bath & Biscuits

Service Estimates

Due to the diverse nature of our canine and feline friends, we are unable to give an exact quote, but for a general idea, we price as follows:
    Small dog bath starts at $35

    Small dog haircut starts at $55

    Medium dog bath starts at $45

    Medium dog full haircut $65

    Large dog bath starts at $55

    Large dog full haircut starts at $75

    Extra large dog bath starts at $65

    Extra large dog full haircut starts at $100

    Add a Sanitary, Paw and Face Trim to any bath service for an additional $10.

Some services will be mandatory in order to groom your dog such as a de-shed groom for a dog who is shedding excessively, de-matting for matted pets, special handling, or specialized skin care for pets who need it. We always offer these as add-ons for your grooming appointments, but may be added on to your groom without being requested due to the behavior or condition of your pet's coat and skin.

Nail trim alone: $10 or with grinding $15. No appointment needed for Nail Trims.