Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen And Bath 3

Spa & Daycare


Bath time can be hard for both owners and pets alike. We try to create a non–fearful environment by treat rewarding during bath and grooming time. Barkin’ Creek has also taken extra special care by considering and addressing noise control in the bath and dog grooming area.


> Handwashing in a stress–free, treat-filled environment
> Post–bath brush out
> Ear cleaning with a basic wax dissolver or a simple saline solution with a natural cotton clean out
> Sanitary clipping in the back for all dogs as needed
> Teeth brushing with an enzymatic toothpaste
> Nail trim with rough edge smoothing
> Anal gland expression


At Barkin’ Creek our boutique–style doggy daycare is focused on ensuring the most convenient and comprehensive/customized services for your pet. Our extensive hours (7am – 7pm Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm on Sunday) allow maximum flexibility for your schedule and our friendly and professionally trained staff caters to the specific needs of your doggie.

Our daycare offers your pooch floor to ceiling windows for the best indoor views possible, full time staff supervision with play and interaction throughout the day, lots of cozy places to curl up and take a nap as well as tons of one–on–one hugs and love! Parents can also log into our webcam to check–in on their best pal anytime.

Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen is a family–owned and operated business that supplies healthy, affordable meals and treats for dogs. We tossed away the canned and dried dog food! Instead, we selected wholesome ingredients from our kitchen and added the right balance of supplements to create nutritious meals for our own dogs… and voilà, Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen was born!

We carefully created each recipe using USDA approved meats and vegetables that are locally sourced and made daily by hand. Our customer service–oriented and highly trained staff is knowledgeable about the dietary needs of dogs.