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Liability Waiver

Bark Shop wants to make your experience a pleasant one. We will do all we can to make your pet feel comfortable and will advise you of any abnormalities seen while grooming your pet. If you are not satisfied with your pet’s grooming we will do all we can to rectify the problem such as; re-bathing, re-cutting, re-brushing, or give you a limited credit toward your next appointment.

1) Health and Behavior of Pet: I agree and understand that Bark Shop has relied upon my
 representation that my pet is in good health, has not injured or shown threatening behavior to any
persons or animals, is current on all required vaccinations and is free of parasites.

2) Aggressive Pets/Parasites: Bark Shop reserves the right to refuse service, or to stop a
groom in progress, if your pet may pose a threat to themselves, other pets, or staff. Whether it be an aggression problem, health problem, or parasite problem.

3) Owner Responsibility: The owner agrees to be solely responsible and liable for any and all
acts of behavior of their pet. This may include, but is not limited to, injury or death to pet, injury or
death to another pet(s), or injury or death to a staff member or any other member of the public.
Medical treatment expenses required by a staff member, a member of the public or for another pet
will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

4) Matted Hair on Pets: Owner is aware that if the hair on pet is in a matted condition, pet may not
be able to receive the style of cut requested. If the matting is severe, brushing out may be too stressful and painful for the pet. In this case Bark Shop may not be able to continue the groom. A shave down or a much shorter cut may be a possible option. We will contact you if this is the only option. Extra care will be taken in the shave-down process; however, cuts or nicks could occur depending on the severity of the matting. If a cut or nick happens the owner will not hold Bark Shop responsible.

5) Grooming Enclosures: I agree and understand that my dog (s) may be placed in grooming
enclosures before,during or after grooming.

Risks to Pet:

6a) General grooming risks: Extra care will be taken when performing any grooming procedures, however, owner must understand possible reactions such as stress, skin irritation, possible nicks to the skin, or a toenail quicked may occur. Additionally, problems occasionally arise after the grooming visit such as bleeding of nicks, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress. Grooming can also expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. Owner agrees not to hold Bark Shop responsible for any injuries, which might result from this grooming process.

6b) Moles/Skin Lesions/Tumors/Other Skin Irregularities: Because these skin irregularities may protrude from the skin, they are vulnerable to nicks or cuts during the grooming process; owner agrees not to hold Bark Shop responsible for any cuts or nicks and skin reactions/irritations due to grooming process.

7) Grooming Rates: Owner agrees to pay the current grooming rate per visit per dog for services
rendered. You will be advised of grooming rates prior to any work being done; however, certain treatments such as de-matting may not be pre-quoted but may be required to complete the groom.

8) Flea/Tick Treatment: If your pet has fleas or ticks, we will automatically administer a flea bath and will notify you if possible. The charge for this service is $22 but depends on the size of your pet and there will also be an extra charge for removal of ticks. This cost covers the shampoo, time, and cleaning necessary to ensure that no fleas are active in the salon. The treatment will kill the fleas & ticks on your pet, but after leaving our salon, your pet will not be protected from any fleas that may be present in your home or pet area

9) Administering Aid: I agree and understand that should my pet become ill or appear in need of
medical attention, Bark Shop shall have full discretion in administering treatment and I will pay any and all expenses involved in obtaining the necessary treatment, including, but not limited to, veterinarian visits, medications, examinations and surgery. Bark Shop agrees to make reasonable efforts to contact me should aid be necessary, however, if they are unable to reach me or need to administer aid immediately, Bark Shop may use their discretion and administer aid without contacting me first.

10) Dog Photos and Videos Release: I agree to allow Bark Shop to use my pet’s name and any
images or likeness of my pet taken while he/she is at Bark Shop, in any form or format, for use, at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials. I agree that this provision shall be binding on me and all of my successors, heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

11) Release of Liability: I agree, understand and hereby release Bark shop, their owners, staff,
partners and volunteers, financially or otherwise, for injuries to my pet, myself, or any property of mine while my pet is participating in services provided by Bark Shop.