Ace And Chanti's

Who are Ace and Chanti

Ace and Chanti are two wonderful dogs that came into my life in 2012. Ace is a shih t'zu with strangely long legs and Chanti was a standard poodle. They belonged to my manager at the time. I was working at a corporate salon as a bather. We later formed a close friendship and decided to branch out on our own. To make a long story short, I had found out that my former manager, then business partner was embezzling money and had severely neglected her dogs. She eventually left town, abandoning Ace and Chanti at the salon that we had built together with our entire team. I brought Ace and Chanti to my home and my sister and I worked together to get them healthy and happy again. Chanti passed away in Decembler of 2018. It was a very sad, and heartbreaking day. We loved her so much. It just felt right to name this business after them because they had so much love from everyone in their life other than those who abandoned them. We dedicate our lives to giving all of the love and care that we can to the pets that come to us. Thank you for reading our story. -Sylvia (owner/stylist)